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Thanks to the generosity of many neighbors and friends, to date we have collected over four thousand dollars to pay for documents, assessments, fees and materials necessary to enable the land transfer from the present owners to Fairmount Park and start reclamation projects.


Membership privileges (after land-transfer): one vote to elect steering committee; one vote on major strategic issues; two votes per household.

(per year)

Household - $50
Individual - $35

Student - $20

For membership questions write to membership@wissahickon.org








© The Wissahickon East Project, 2010-2011.




If you support WEP’s work to reclaim our part of the Cresheim Woods for the community. Here is what you can do to get involved and help in the effort:
  1. Attend the City Council Hearing to accept the 6 acres of Cresheim Creek land on June 6 at 10 a.m. at City Council Chambers, City Hall, 4th floor

  2. Download our VOLUNTEER SIGN UP SHEET, fill it out, and send it to:

    The Wissahickon East Project
    c/o A. P. Bennett, MD, Treasurer
    369 E. Gowen Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19119-1023

  3. HELP STOP THE DUMPING! Don’t dump trash, yard waste or construction materials. Use the green trash can for dog waste disposal.  Dog waste is a major water pollutant and the corner of  Anderson and Woodbrook is right at the creek.

  4. Recycle your own leaves rather than dumping them at the corner of Anderson and Woodbrook.

  5. Dispose of your trash and construction debris legally.

    (For more information about safe trash disposal call:

Illegal dumping is punishable by:

  • Maximum fine $10,000
  • Possible vehicle confiscation
  • Prison up to five years
If you witness illegal dumping in progress, here is what the City Streets Department suggests:
  1. Get the license number and description of the vehicle.

  2. Call 911 to report the dumping (or other illegal activitie).

  3. Call your local Police District to request the Code Violation Notice (CVN) trained Officer.

    Our area:

    14th District
    District Headquarters:
    Haines St. and Germantown Ave.